Heft 45 mit CD

CD u.a. mit Biohazard
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The Spook, Biohazard, Dödelhaie, Heartaches, She-Male Trouble, Venus Hill, Un Kuartito, No Respect, Murphy´s Law, Settle the Score, Right 4 Life, Pascow, Agresión, A.C.K., Star Strangle, Bastards, Boom Boom Kid, The Blondes, Drive By Shooting, The Heroines, Skatoon Syndikat, No Life Lost, Roerhedds, Narziß, Sensorial Earth, Smoky Joe, Pinocchio auf der Flucht

Interviews & Stories:

The Real McKenzies, The Adicts, The Hellacopters, The Vines, Radio 4, Mike Ness, Badman Stokes, Snapcase, The Special Guest, La Vela Puerca, Hatebreed, Suicide, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Boxhamsters, Bungalow Records, Big L-HipHop Special, Pridigarij, Nitrominds+Bitume, Today is the Day, Beyond the Sixth Deal, Toasters, Levellers, Lifeforce-Labelstory, Splodgenessabounds Tourreport 1, Manson Story Teil 2


Die polizeilichen Todesschüsse von Nordhausen